Introducing EXCLUSIVE RUSSIAN VOLUME COLLECTION by Million Lashes You will love them 💎🏆 the lashes u have been waiting for...😊 Want to build your own Russian fans but find it difficult or just want to save time? 🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆 Our Russian Volume lashes are super soft for a glamorous look and easy to fan. ◻Thickness: 0.07 Ultra Soft ◼Colour: Deep Black ◻16 rows ◼Speeds up treatment time with perfect symmetrical fans. ◼More sets out of each tray as fans are fuller. ◻Less lash wastage so more cost effective. *We recommend :do not mix with white Collection. Gold Collection is more darker and more curly . Different supplier.

C 0.07 /Single Lengths/ Russian Volume /Exclusive Collection

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