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Become a Trainer

Million lashes professional is looking for new  Lash educators  to run eyelash extension training workshops across  United Kingdom  and worldwide .


If you  :

  • Have been doing lashes actively  for at least 2 years ( both Clasic and Volume Lashes ).

  • are coachable and have a great attitude

  • love for public speaking and confidence to teach in a group setting

  • have passion for Eyelash Extensions  and the beauty industry in general

  • have your current lash business under control and can manage the extra admin? Most people don’t realise the amount of admin and organisation involved in being a trainer, so this is something to really consider.

​if you can confidently answer ‘Yes’ to all of the above questions and believe you have the right qualities then a career in training might be the next step for you.

If interested in becoming a  million lashes professional Eyelash Extension Trainer please email: 

Lash Educator courses are no longer being offered in Ireland ,it means that there are currently no plans to reinstate them in future . 
We look forward to hearing from you!

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