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This is the best thing that will happen to your lash business

The UV  lash system is a total new game changer for all us lash techs!

Curious about what the  UV CosmoLight system is ? 

This new revolutionary system cures special Cosmo UV glue under the UV LED light within 1-2 seconds, which means : no stickies  and no fumes after application . This new  uv led lash seamlessly system cures your own natural lashes to the extensions . The device is foot operated .and can be used with all methods ; Classic Lashes  and Russian volume.  Due to its instant  cure technology lashes are waterproof , oilproof .
They tend to last untilnatural lashes fall out.

Absolutely game changing method that suits your clients lifestyle better than standard method of eyelash extensions.

No fumes.  This is a great option for clients who are sensitive or reacted positive to standard lash glue .  

Is this worth investing in ?

Yes. It's a great option for clients that are sensitive to lash adhesive because the adhesive fully cures in 1- 2 seconds and they can get them wet immediately . Once you get used to using it , you can cut down your lash applications by 30 minutes to an hour . NO MORE SPENDING MONEY ON  BONDERS , SEALANTS , ADHESIVE BOTTLES EVERY 3-4 WEEKS !! It takes the quesswork out of the humidity/ temp issue . Cosmo UV Lash System  works at any room conditions.  No more hygrometers, dehumidifiers needed.  


Is the system safe?

Our Cosmo light system has been tested and approved  and is 100% safe for the human eye and skin. It complies with all current standards and requirements. The operating instructions and all safety instructions are included.

Cosmo UV Light Lash System  CE & MSDS Certificates and Test Reports are available upon request . 

We are the only one training academy in Ireland & UK that offers fully insurable and ABT accredited Professional UV Led Lash Extensions training . Please note ;  this technique is not covered by your standard insurance in IRELAND , NORTHERN IRELAND AND UK . 



If you’re looking to expand the range of products you offer your customers  become Million Lashes Professional  Distributor in Your Country  ! This could be the perfect opportunity for your business.
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