Keep your tweezers and other tools immaculate with this sponge tweezer cleanser. We all know how annoying it is to get glue stuck on your favourite tweezers . A simple but effective accessory any lash tech should have . This revolutionary cleanser breaks down and removes any hardened glue on your tweezers. Works in Seconds.



Quickly remove the excess glue on the tweezers,scissors,lash holders and so on while not damage the tools.Suitable for beauty salon,individual,home,school,etc.Use a tweezers with glue to lightly pinch a few times into a sponge with a degumming liquid. After 3 seconds, the tweezers will be clean as new.

Quickly disinfect and clean the tweezers, so you can be more assured when using, reducing the possibility of eye infections .

Liquid with a soft sponge to gently remove excess glue, extend the life of the tweezers and save your cleaning time.

Safe and non-toxic ingredients, easy to use

Tweezer Cleaner


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